Ecommerce Platform | Troubleshooting treatment availability

Ecommerce Platform | Troubleshooting treatment availability

Issue one: Individual treatments are not showing availability consistently

Step 1: Treatments Checklist

If individual treatments or dates aren't showing availability, you should always begin by carefully checking that Premier is configured correctly. More often than not, there is a mistake in the Premier setup which is causing the issue. I would recommend following our article: Checklist: Making Treatments Bookable via ecommerce platform

Step 2: Check to see if the treatment can be booked manually in Premier:

If the treatment can be manually booked in Premier, but has no availability in ecommerce platform you need to check if the treatment and assigned staff are all web-bookable.

If the treatment cannot be manually booked in Premier or ecommerce platform check the below steps:

Issue Two: Treatments have intermittent availability

If you find that sometimes availability displays and sometimes it doesn't, this is usually due to the requested data not being delivered to ecommerce platform in a timely fashion (10 seconds).

Possible reasons that your IT team will need to check:

  • If the internet connection to your network is fast enough and has enough bandwidth to meet the requirements.

  • If there is too much internet traffic on your network.

  • If your server doesn't meet the minimum standards for hardware recommended by the Premier team, please contact the team for the most up-to-date recommendation.

  • Back-ups or some other operation/software is running during the day on the server which is using up the processing power.

  • Your server needs rebooting.

Other edge cases:

  • Incorrectly setup time band in Premier

  • Connection to the proxy server requires resetting

Issue Three: No availability for ALL treatments and spa days

If availability has been working successfully for treatments and spa days, and suddenly stops for all, this could be because:

  • The password to connect to the Premier API has expired on your server.

  • The connection to the API is being refused.

  • Your Premier integration has gone down.

Please report this to our support team at and we will look into this further for you.

Important troubleshooting details:

To help the troubleshooting process with Journey and Premier, please check for patterns.

  • Time of day - please make a note of the time of the outage and how long.

  • URL - which page/URL has the issues, is it random or always the same treatments/spa days?

  • Frequency - how regularly does the issue occur?

  • The more information that you can provide our support teams when raising issues, the quicker we can identify and resolve the issue for you.

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