Ecommerce Platform | Setting Promotional Pricing in Premier

Ecommerce Platform | Setting Promotional Pricing in Premier

Promotional Pricing allows your ecommerce platform to override the set price in Premier - this would be relevant when offering discounts on the ecommerce platform (not to be confused with a 'Promo Code').

  • In Premier, log in via Administrator.

  • Go to 'Promotional Pricing'.

  • Make sure the onejourney/RevSpa code is selected.

  • Click the checkbox for ALL items that are sold via your ecommerce platform. This might include Appointments, Group Activities, Packages, Food and Drink or Misc.

  • Update them all to allow the 'onejourney' or 'revspa' code at the bottom of the page as seen in the screenshot below.

When Premier Software installs the API on your server, promotional pricing will be set up for all items. However, if you add new items to Premier that you wish to sell via ecommerce platform, the steps above will need to be follwed.

Troubleshooting Tip

If an item cannot be added to the basket on your storefront, this is usually due to Promotional Pricing not being set up for the item in Premier. Follow the steps above to check that Promotional Pricing is set up correctly.




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