Gifted | Create a Voucher

Gifted | Create a Voucher

Step One, Initial Set-up:

Step Two, 'Product' Tab:

  • This will then take you to a new page where you can edit the voucher (such as making it available to purchase etc.)

  • Scroll down to edit the quantity available. The quantity defaults to -1 for an unlimited volume of vouchers. If you want to have a certain amount for an offer, please edit the quantity to the desired amount.

  • At the bottom there is an ‘options’ box - this is great for using add-ons, such as ‘with a bottle of wine’, when producing monetary vouchers or for vouchers that could be purchased for more than one person.

  • Click ‘update voucher’ to save changes

Step Three, 'Content' Tab:

  • Click on the Content tab

  • Fill in a brief description that best describes the voucher (think of it as a hook - what will entice customers to click on the voucher/find out more and therefore purchase) this will also be what appears on the voucher (recommended 1-2 lines)

  • Leave the ‘voucher content’ box underneath it blank if you have entered everything you needed to say in the ‘brief description’ as they will both show on your vouchers.

  • Type in additional content (recommended 6-8 lines and does not repeat the brief description)

  • Type in any hotel terms and conditions (leave blank to use the category terms and conditions)

  • Click ‘update voucher

Step Four, 'Design' Tab:

  • Select the Design tab

  • Click on ‘choose file’ and upload any image you want this voucher to display

Click on the Update Voucher button at the bottom of the page

Step Five, 'Settings' Tab:

  • Finally, click on the Settings tab and make your voucher available to purchase online (if necessary)

  • The validity period is 12 months as standard, if you have created an offer and want to change this, you can do this here

  • Click on Update Voucher

  • The voucher is now complete and you can view it online

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