Gifted | How to set up an event (including what not to do)

Gifted | How to set up an event (including what not to do)

You can use the Gifted platform to sell ticketed events as well as Gift vouchers. If you don’t already have this module turned on then just let our support team know and we can turn it on for you.

  • Login to your Gifted platform.

  • Click on ‘Vouchers’ from the left-hand side.

  • Click 'Categories'.

  • Click 'Create a Category'.

  • Create an 'Events' category and fill out all the required fields. (We recommend including Terms and Conditions for all of your events here.)

  • Once you’ve created your new events category, go back to the 'Vouchers' page and click ‘Create a Voucher’.

  • Enter the name of the event.

  • Change the type to 'Event'.

  • Change the category to 'Events'.

  • Type in the ticket price and then click ‘Create voucher’ at the bottom.

  • This will then take you to a new page where you can add more information about your event ( for example, the time and date).

  • Enter a ticket quantity if you only have a limited amount available. Otherwise, leave it as -1 which means there is an unlimited quantity of tickets available.

  • Move across to the ‘Content’ tab.

  • Fill in the brief description box with a few details about your event to draw customers in and increase conversion.

  • Leave ‘ticket content’ blank if you’ve filled in the brief description.

  • Type in any additional content you may have about the event. Try to avoid repeating what’s already said in the brief description as both of these will show together on the event page.

  • If you did not add any terms and conditions to the event category, or if you have specific terms and conditions for this particular event, fill out the terms and conditions now. (Individual events' terms and conditions will automatically override the category terms and conditions if they have both been filled in.)

  • Move across to the ‘Design’ tab.

  • Here you can upload an image to go with your new event, just click ‘Choose file’ and then select the image you would like to upload.

  • Move across to the ‘Settings’ tab and make your event available to purchase.

  • Fill out any other settings that you require for the event.

  • Click 'Update Voucher'

IMPORTANT: On your Gifted storefront, events will either show on a separate page to your gift vouchers, which can be accessed via the drop-down menu or on the same page as your vouchers. If you would like to switch where your event tickets are currently showing, let our support team know at and we will update this for you.

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