Gifted | Create a Category

Gifted | Create a Category

How to create a new voucher category on the Gifted Platform.

  • Login to your Gifted platform

  • Click on ‘Vouchers’ on the left-hand side

  • Click on 'Categories' and then 'Create a Category'

  • Type in the Category name

  • Click ‘Choose File’ to upload an image to go with your category - You will need to do this if you use the fluid storefront layout or plan to run any offers that show the categories on the offer's landing page. The image has to be a jpeg under 100mb.

  • Fill in any terms and conditions. This will be used for all vouchers in this category unless the vouchers have their own terms and conditions in the voucher's settings (as these will override the category Ts and Cs).

  • If it’s a monetary voucher category then ensure ‘Contains monetary vouchers’ is selected so that it turns green

  • Insert the postage weight

  • Click ‘Create Category’

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