Ecommerce Platform | How does a guest cancel their order?

Ecommerce Platform | How does a guest cancel their order?

If a guest wishes to cancel an order that has been placed via ecommerce platform, then any cancellation should be performed within both ecommerce platform AND the third-party system.

Customers are only able to request a cancellation over the phone, via email or in person directly to the hotel. (The guest should not contact ecommerce platform regarding cancellation or any other order queries). The hotel will then need to make the necessary amendments, either in their PMS and/or the third-party system as well as ecommerce platform. This process is the same for any third-party system, whether it's for Rooms, Tables, or Spa.

This is because bookings are paid in full (Rooms & Spa) so a refund may also be necessary as well as the cancellation. It also gives the hotel an opportunity to move the booking rather than just cancel and keep hold of the revenue.

Important note: When you cancel an order in the ecommerce platform platform this does not automatically process any refunds or cancel any deferred payment. You would need to do this manually. See here to see how to process a refund with ecommerce platform or here to manage a deferred payment.

To cancel a booking within ecommerce platform

  • Login to ecommerce platform admin. See here for how to log in.

  • From the dashboard, click on Orders from the left-hand menu.

  • Find the order you are looking to cancel by searching for the name or order number.

  • Once you find the order, click 'Edit'. This will bring up the order details.

  • Click on 'Cancel Order'.

  • If you are sure that you wish to cancel the entire order then select 'Yes'.

  • Once 'Yes' is selected the order will be cancelled and this will be displayed in the order status.

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