Ecommerce Platform | Setting up Classes

Ecommerce Platform | Setting up Classes

Before you can set up classes in ecommerce platform, the initial build must be completed in Premier (

Once the build has been completed in Premier, we will need to run an import for you to pull through all your classes into ecommerce platform.

It is also important to note that all future scheduling and editing of classes and their settings can only be done in Premier.

How to set up classes in ecommerce platform

  • Log in to ecommerce platform.
  • Under the 'Products & Service' heading, click 'Content'.

  • Click 'Spa Classes'

  • Enter a title, summary and image.

  • Click 'Save Content'.

  • Lastly, decide who you would like your classes to be available to - you can choose either 'All', 'Users' or 'Members'. Please email us to let us know ( to change the appropriate settings on your behalf.

Example screenshots:

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