Ecommerce Platform | Imports

Ecommerce Platform | Imports

Imports for Spa Module

Ecommerce platform (previously known as onejourney) will do an overnight import/sync with your Premier server so any new changes in Premier will be pulled through automatically during this. 

Things to note about your Spa imports

The overnight import should pull through anything new on the Spa module after the initial setup of the API and first import.

Prices are stored in Journey's ecommerce platform and are there to be displayed if an item is unavailable or if the Premier server is offline only. If you update your pricing in Premier, available items will immediately show the updated pricing to reflect Premier. You will only need to perform a manual import if you want unavailable items to show updated pricing immediately. Otherwise, it will update automatically overnight.

After the initial first import of an item from Premier, the Title and Description will NOT be updated again. (This is because these fields are usually updated and formatted with content that is more guest/marketing appropriate than the data that is stored in Premier for the spa to refer to.) If the name or description is updated in Premier AFTER it has been imported into ecommerce platform for the first time, it will NOT be updated during the manual or automatic imports.

Spa items will not be deleted if they lose their connection with Premier, so will need to be unpublished and/or deleted from ecommerce platform. This is because bespoke content and imagery have been added.

If the contents of a Spa Day are updated (i.e. Treatments, Selections, Times, etc.), the overnight import and/or manual import will reconstruct the contents of the Spa Day in ecommerce platform so that it is synced with the updated configuration in Premier.

Imports for Rooms Module

Ecommerce platform will do an overnight import/sync with the Synxis CRS or Roomlynx so any content or imagery changes will be pulled through to ecommerce platform automatically during this update.

Things to note about your Rooms imports

The overnight import should pull through anything new on the Rooms modules after the initial setup of the API and first import.

When doing an import Rooms are completely deleted and reimported to ensure that they do not end up with old/erroneous room types and rates left showing in the listing (even though they would be unavailable).

Imports for Tables Module

There is no import for tables, only rooms and spa have an overnight import/sync routine.
You should only need to do a manual import if something has been updated and you do not want to wait until the automatic overnight import. If this is required please contact Support to request this is done for you.

If you are finding that the daily automated import is not working as you would expect please contact Support so that we can investigate this for you.

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