Ecommerce Platform | Creating a new restaurant

Ecommerce Platform | Creating a new restaurant

Please keep in mind that the Resdiary team would have set these restaurants up to pull through to ecommerce platform. If there is a restaurant that doesn't appear on our list then please contact the Resdiary support team.

To set up a completely new restaurant:

  • Log into ecommerce platform.

  • Under the Products & Service heading click on Content.

  • In the Content sub-menu click on Tables.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the 'Create a Configuration' button.

  • This will present you with the below.

  • Enter the name of the Restaurant.

  • In the ResDiary restaurant drop-down, select the API that this restaurant is linked to.

  • Add a brief description of the restaurant.

  • Upload an image (JPG or PNG) for the restaurant, either by clicking on the 'Upload an image' button or dragging the image onto the upload file button.

  • These images will display like this:

  • Add your opening and closing times.

  • If you have your menu(s) ready you can upload these now. (See here for how to upload menus)

  • Click on the 'Save Restaurant Config' button.

  • Open your site's storefront, click on the burger menu and you will see 'Dining' is now an option.

  • Click on Dining and you will then see a page with your restaurant/s displayed.


Setup new restaurant

New restaurant


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