Ecommerce Platform | Checking spa day inclusions

Ecommerce Platform | Checking spa day inclusions

Although Spa Days always need to be set up within Premier, you can still see all of the inclusions and selections of the Spa Day within Journey's ecommerce platform once it’s pulled through. This is great for troubleshooting and having more visibility on the ecommerce platform.

Note that your Spa Day will need to have already been imported into ecommerce platform to be able to see it.

You can check what's included by:

  • Logging in to Journey's ecommerce platform

  • On the menu to the left, go into ‘Spa’ and then click on ‘Spa days’.

  • Click the ‘Edit’ button next to the Spa Day that you’d like to know more about.

  • On the left-hand side, there are three different sections: 'General', 'Cross and Upsell' and 'Inclusions and Extras'.

  • Click on ‘Inclusions and Extras’.

  • This will then list out the inclusions and selections that you’ve got set up in Premier for this Spa Day. It will also show you what that inclusion is set up as. e.g. 'Facility', 'Treatment' or 'Class'.

  • If any of the inclusions or options are incorrect, you’ll be able to see what is missing/needs to be changed in Premier and action the appropriate changes. Our Support team can then run another import so that the changes are also updated in the ecommerce platform.

  • Here you can also find the extras that have been applied to this Spa Day, it’s a quick way of seeing what choices the customer has.

    • If any of these are incorrect e.g. if a glass of prosecco is already included in the spa day then you wouldn’t need to have it as an extra for that particular Spa Day, and can action the appropriate changes.

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