Gifted | How to un-redeem a voucher

Gifted | How to un-redeem a voucher

If you've redeemed a voucher by mistake or even redeemed the full amount of a voucher when you were only meant to redeem it partially, then do not worry, this can be undone.

All you have to do is contact the team here at Gifted and let us know the voucher code, the property you're from and if possible the order reference to verify that we have located the correct voucher. We can then go ahead and un-redeem this voucher for you. You can contact us by sending a message via the Intercom bubble at the bottom right corner of Gifted or by emailing us directly at

Only the Gifted team can do this for you.

The voucher will go back to its original valid state with the same expiry date as before and the code will also remain the same.

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