Gifted | How to set up a 'promo code'

Gifted | How to set up a 'promo code'

Promo codes can only be set up if you have chosen to have this module turned on for your hotel. If you don't already have this function on but would like to use it then give us a call and we can turn it on for you.


  • Promo codes won't be visible anywhere on your Gifted page (unlike offers) unless you create a banner/popup letting people know.

  • If you’re creating more than one code then you must give them different names.

Once turned on, here's how to set up a promo code:

  • Log in to your Gifted platform.

  • Click ‘Marketing’ on the left-hand side.

  • Click ‘Promo Codes’.

  • Click ‘Create a Promo Code’.

  • Type in a name for your new code e.g Spa20

  • If you are making more than one promo code for the same voucher e.g 10% and 20% off, make sure you give them different names otherwise only one will work.

  • Enter a start and end date for the period of time that you’d like the code to be valid for.

  • Choose the ‘Discount Type’ (Percentage off OR Money off)

  • Enter the amount of discount you’d like to offer under ‘Discount’.

  • Enter a ‘Minimum basket value’ or ‘basket quantity’ (these are optional) for the promo code to work (A good sales tool e.g ‘spend £60 on any spa voucher and receive 10% off with code spa10’)

  • Make it ‘Active’ so it can be used.

  • Click ‘Update Promo Code’

  • Move across to the 'Vouchers' tab and select whether the code can be applied to all vouchers or only specific ones.

  • If only specific, then scroll through and select all the vouchers you would like this code to be valid on.

  • Click ‘Update Promo Code’

  • You’re all done, your new promo code will be active on the start date previously entered.

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