Gifted | How to partially redeem a voucher/handle part payments

Gifted | How to partially redeem a voucher/handle part payments

Occasionally you might need to take a partial payment against a voucher rather than redeeming a voucher in full. This is great when guests have monetary vouchers but only wish to use a small amount of it (towards a round of drinks etc).

This is how you would go about it, but please note, that you’ll only be able to do this if you have permission to do so, or if the decision has been made by the hotel to offer this as a piece of functionality.

  • Log on to your Gifted platform.

  • Click on the ‘Redeem a Voucher’ button.

  • Use the voucher code to locate the voucher (please include the hyphen).

  • If you don't have the voucher code you can search for the order reference instead.

  • This will then bring up the redemption page.

  • Select 'Value to redeem' and enter the value of the part payment (the bill for their drinks etc).

  • Write a note as to what the payment was for/any internal codes etc you may need to note down.

  • Click ‘Redeem Voucher’.

  • You’ll then see the value left of the voucher and your notes stored against the partial redemption.

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