Gifted | How to find the RM Tracking number (when Gifted are fulfilling)

Gifted | How to find the RM Tracking number (when Gifted are fulfilling)

If the Gifted team are fulfilling for you and the customer has selected and paid for Special Delivery or International Tracked and Signed then the team will always add the tracking code to Gifted once it has been dispatched.

If it has been dispatched via 1st Class delivery, or RM 24, there will not be any tracking codes available within Gifted.

Any staff member with order access at your property can view these tracking codes, and when necessary, can pass them on to the customers.

IMPORTANT: If there is more than one item and they've been posted separately then there will be more than one tracking number.

How do you find this tracking number on Gifted?

  • Log on to your Gifted platform.

  • Click 'Find an Order'.

  • Search for the order via one of the parameters shown below.

  • Once you have located the correct order, check the progress of the order at the top of the order page. The tracking number will only be available when the order is at the 'Dispatched' stage.

  • If it has been dispatched, select the 'Items' tab.

  • Underneath the 'Delivery' section, you will be able to see the tracking code (as shown below). It will also display the button 'Track Package' which, when clicked, will take you directly to the tracking details for that voucher on the Royal Mail site. (

  • You can either pass the tracking number over to the customer or investigate the parcel's tracking status from your property.

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