Gifted | How to check your stock levels

Gifted | How to check your stock levels

When Gifted posts out vouchers/fulfils for you, the fulfilment team monitor your stock levels to ensure that you won’t run out of anything. It is important that you are aware of your stock levels and that you can arrange for more stock to be sent to the fulfilment team when necessary.

Our fulfilment team will send out notifications to an email address of your choice to notify you once your stock level decreases. It's worth knowing which staff member these go to and letting know if this email address needs updating so that your property is always kept up to date.

To view your stock levels at any time:

  • Log on to your Gifted platform.

  • Click ‘Fulfilment’ from the menu on the left-hand side.

  • Click on the ‘Inventory’ widget at the top - on the right-hand side

  • If you have multiple properties, please select the hotel you wish to see the inventory levels of.

  • You’ll then see a list of each stock item, listed with a name, its weight and the quantity the Fulfilment team currently have.

  • If you believe that the number listed in ‘Quantity’ won't last for three months' worth of orders, please arrange to send some more stock to our team. (Please take into consideration the turnaround time involved in designing new stock if required, having it printed and the delivery.)

    Note: You may notice the 'Last Updated' date is not always a recent date. This is because our fulfilment team keeps two logs of your property's stock levels. This allows us to record more detailed data on stock usage while still ensuring that Gifted is updated in intervals. If you feel it needs a more recent update before you order more stock, you can reach out to or and they can update this for you.

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