Gifted | How do I view a part redemption?

Gifted | How do I view a part redemption?

Partial redemption is only available if your hotel has this feature turned on. It’s great for when customers have monetary vouchers and would only like to put a specific amount towards what they are paying for.

Here is how to view the partial redemption…

  • Log on to your Gifted platform.

  • Click 'Find and Order'.

  • Search for the order using one of the parameters shown below.

  • Once you have found the order click on the 'Items' tab

  • You will be able to see if the voucher has been fully redeemed or only partially redeemed by looking at the information under the voucher's name. In the example below we can see it has been partially redeemed.

  • To see how much is left to be redeemed on the voucher click on the 'Redeem Voucher' button

  • You can then see how much of the voucher has been redeemed and by whom. You should also be able to see the remaining amount on the voucher.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: You have to be given the right permission to put partial redemptions through but you don’t need this to view them. Anyone who has permission to view orders will be able to view the part redemptions.

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