Gifted | Google Analytics 4 tracking

Gifted | Google Analytics 4 tracking

Gifted comes with built-in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) e-commerce tracking. This article covers the initial implementation of GA4. Please click here for more information on third-party tracking implementation (for your marketing team or agency).

1. Your GA4 Measurement ID needs to be added to Gifted

If not already shared, you will need to email with your measurement ID. (Please note that measurement IDs are different from property IDs, your property ID will not enable data collection).

Once your measurement ID has been added by the support team, this will enable all tracking within the platform from e-commerce to onsite behaviour. Please ensure that if you have provided this ID as well as your GTM ID, you follow the actions listed below to avoid any duplication of events and tracking.

Follow these steps find out how to find your GA4 measurement ID:

1. Go to your GA4 property and click on “Admin” on the bottom left.
2. Under “Property,” click “Data streams.
3. Click on your data stream name which you would like to track Gifted platform within
4. Your measurement ID is in the top right.

2. Ensure your Google Analytics doesn’t count traffic going from your website to Gifted as referral traffic

Please follow these steps to complete this:

1. Go to your GA4 property and click on “Admin” on the bottom left.
2. Under “Property,” click “Data streams.”
3. Click on the data stream name which you used in the previous slide.
4. At the bottom of this, there should be a button for ‘Configure tag settings’, click this.
5. In the new pane, click the second option in settings ‘Configure your domain’
6. Click 'Add condition', then add your website domain using the contain match type (you don’t need the https://www.)
7. Add a second condition to include your Gifted domain (if you go through to your Gifted storefront, you can find this here, it’s usually

3. User and event data retention

It’s worth checking your user and event data retention to ensure that it aligns with your website’s privacy and cookie policies. By default, this will be set to 2 months (but can be changed to 14 months to allow for a longer window in which to track and report on user-level event data).

To check and change your user and event data retention:

  1. Go to your GA4 property
  2. Go to settings, open the 'Data Settings' dropdown, then click on 'Data Retention'
  3. You can then check and amend the properties event data retention and find more information on the setting from Google

4. Google Analytics duplicate tracking

To avoid duplicate tracking, please ensure any existing GA4 tracking (both your configuration and event tags) within your Google Tag Manager are not set to track the Gifted platform. By having both trackings in place, there may be duplication of users recorded, with it being tracked twice and skewing your data.

To find out how to stop this:

  1. Login into Google Tag Manager
  2. Edit your ‘Google Analytics 4’ code
  3. Click ‘Add Exception’
  4. In the 'Choose a trigger' section, click (+)
  5. Click ‘Page View’
  6. Check the box ‘some page views’ and in the drop-down pick ‘page hostname’
  7. Write ‘’ within the box
  8. Press Save to complete the trigger, and ‘Save’ again under tag settings
  9. Publish

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