Gifted | Glossary

Gifted | Glossary

The Gifted Glossary is designed to help you with our terminology and make sure you don’t feel a little lost and confused by our jargon.

So… what do the following words mean?

Breakage - In essence, it's pure profit. It simply refers to the vouchers that expired without ever being redeemed by your guests or customers. The breakage figure is displayed on your dashboard and the figure you can see will relate to the time period on the dashboard that you have selected.

Dispute - An official disagreement between a cardholder and their bank. This will be taken up with Stripe (who is your payment gateway). One of these is raised when someone doesn’t recognise the gift voucher transaction on their bank statement and suspects fraud. As a result, the cardholder contacted their bank and raised the dispute. Our support team will contact your property when or if a dispute is raised with further information.

Tag - This is a custom feature that you use when you want to create a filter on your site, that your guests will use to help them locate the gifts and items that they are interested in and want to purchase. For example, you might want to create a ‘tag’ called ‘Gifts for him’ or ‘Under £100’

Re-order vouchers - This refers to changing the order of the vouchers on your main homepage. You can do this by clicking the re-order vouchers button and dragging the vouchers up or down. This will allow you to promote certain experiences. This does not refer to customers re-purchasing vouchers.

Redemption Delay - This is a timer, placed onto your site that causes a pause/delay between the time that an order is placed and when it can then be redeemed. This is a security feature that we recommend utilising as it means someone can’t commit fraud and then immediately use it at the hotel. Therefore, preventing your property from losing out financially.

Voucher Limit - Limits the number of items a guest can place at a given time.

Dashboard - Basically your homepage, filled with statistics and widgets of information. Only Hotel staff members with access have access to the Gifted Dashboard.

Fulfilment - This is the process involved in dispatching postal vouchers. You can either self-fulfil, aka post out orders from the hotel yourselves or Gifted can fulfil on your behalf. You don’t have to offer ‘post’ as a delivery option to your guests, but if you do, you’ll need to decide if you do it yourselves in-house, or if you would like Gifted to take care of the fulfilment for you.

E-voucher - The voucher that is sent out to your customers via email. The e-voucher will appear as a PDF attachment as part of an email that is sent out to the delivery email address which the purchaser can enter at checkout.

Overprint - The overlapping text that is printed on top of your physical vouchers. We will create the overprint and edit the margins according to your voucher size. The overprint will pull over the information required including the voucher code, validity period and any personalised messages.

Announcements - Create either a pop-up or banner for your Gifted platform so you can communicate with your guests and relay certain messages. For example, you might want to inform them of postal delays due to snow or annual maintenance.

Permissions - Having the authority to perform certain actions on the Gifted site. For example, issuing refunds or extending voucher validity periods can only be done if the user trying to perform this action has permission/the correct user access to do so.

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