Gifted | 5 Tips to Sell More Vouchers

Gifted | 5 Tips to Sell More Vouchers

So you want to sell more vouchers?

Perhaps you’ve had a gift voucher platform for some time and want to revamp your current offering, or maybe you just want a little guidance to help increase sales. Listed below are some top tips to help you maximise your offering and make the most of your gift voucher site.

Organisation means sales

Remember that whilst it’s great to have an attractive gift voucher site that you’re proud of, your platform should ultimately be used as a revenue stream. This means that when you are building out a voucher, or even just editing a voucher, you must remember to build your site with conversion in mind. This might sound complex, but it’s actually rather easy.

Try to organise your vouchers as effectively as possible. So instead of building out dozens of individual monetary vouchers, create one general voucher and build out the different monetary options (i.e £10, £20, £50, £100) within it. This works two-fold:

1. Customers don’t get lost trying to find the monetary voucher they want as they are all located in one space
2. Those customers who know exactly what they are looking for don’t have to scroll through numerous vouchers to find what they want. The less time a customer takes to click on a voucher, the higher the conversion rate.

Images are key

It’s often hard to convey luxury experiences and emotions through pieces of technology such as a gift voucher platform. However, using high-quality, effective, and inspiring imagery will often make all the difference. Great imagery will help to give your customers a feel for the experience you are selling - the more beautiful the image, the more likely you are to sell.

Think smart about the images you use too, as the look of your voucher will often make a lasting impression. Try to use a different image for each voucher shown on your site and where possible, scatter in images including people’s faces too. This will enable your customers to relate to the experiences and ‘see themselves there’, making them more likely to buy.

Hook them in

Use the ‘brief description’ element of your vouchers to your advantage. Brief descriptions are a sales tool at your disposal and should be used to reel people in… you’re inviting your customers to find out more. Be smart about the words you use as this is often the only chance you’ll get to hook people in, so try and make your vouchers as tempting as possible. We recommend that you include just a sentence or two, and that the words used are not just in keeping with your tone of voice, but also convey luxury.

Use your options wisely

Everyone wants to feel like they are buying a unique gift, especially when opting to buy a loved one a gift experience. Your customers want to provide the recipient with a memory, and more times than not, they also want their gift to be as personal as possible. By offering different options, you can convey the notion of a unique gift, without any extra work for yourself.

Your options can include:

1. Personalised messages
2. The ability to preview the message (so they can see just what their loved one will get)
3. Delivery methods
4. Presentation methods

The more elements your customers can choose, the more bespoke they feel your service is. This also helps with the upsell too, as people are more likely to spend money when they don’t feel constricted by what is offered to them.

It’s all about 7 clicks

So the main goal should be to get your guests through the gift-buying experience in as few clicks as possible. The idea is that with every new page you take them to throughout the journey, the more likely they are to drop out. So… we guide them through the platform so that they can be buying their gift in 7 clicks or less. Why 7 clicks? Because people's attention spans on average dramatically change after this 7th click.

To minimise the number of clicks it takes for your customers to buy a gift, you need to make it easy for them to find the right vouchers by using the drop-down filter on the homepage. If you know a high percentage of your customers are interested in spa days, help guide them through your site by offering this as a category. You can do the same thing for price points if this is relevant to your audience (‘Gifts under £100’), or with upcoming events (‘Mother’s Day gifts’).

So, what have we learnt?

We know that it’s really easy to offer vouchers, but that it’s hard to sell these vouchers and experiences when not equipped with the right tools. Once armed, it’s really simple to make small changes that will have a BIG impact, and this is where Gifted comes in.

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