Ecommerce Platform | The 'arrivals report'

Ecommerce Platform | The 'arrivals report'

The 'arrivals report' within ecommerce platform will show you the guest names, arrival date, arrival time and which module/items they have booked for the time period that you have selected.

To run an 'Arrivals Report'

  • Log in to ecommerce platform.

  • In the menu on the left under the 'Manage' heading click on 'Reports'.

  • You will then see the reporting screen.

  • Select 'Arrivals report'.

  • Choose the date range you wish to run the report for.

  • Click on 'Generate report'

  • Once generated, your report will be available to download at the bottom of the 'Ready to download' list.

  • Click on the report name to download it.

  • Once downloaded you should be presented with a report like this:

  1. You will then need to filter the "Last Known Item Status" to remove any rows with the text "awaiting_response" as these orders have not been paid for/completed by the guest and therefore, will not be arriving at your property.


  • If the guest has more than one item for that selected date, e.g. two spa days for the 15th of March, then both will be listed with the same order reference and lead booker name.

  • For room bookings with a deferred payment, you can check the 'Order Fully Paid' and 'Order Amount Outstanding' columns. If a guest disagrees with the information in these two columns, you can check the payment directly within the order in our ecommerce platform.

This report contains additional information such as any selections guests have made for Spa Days or any Extras added to the module.

IMPORTANT: There are two things to keep in mind with this report...

  • This report will only contain bookings that have been made through the ecommerce platform. Any bookings created manually straight into the third-party systems by your team, or any pre-existing bookings before you had the ecommerce platform, will not be included in these reports.

  • If the team have manually adjusted any bookings e.g. if a guest can no longer make their booking date but has asked for this to be moved to the following week and the team manually change this in the third-party system, then it will still display in this report for the original arrival date.

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