Ecommerce Platform | ResDiary | Use promotions (Menus)

Ecommerce Platform | ResDiary | Use promotions (Menus)

In order for promotions to be bookable via ecommerce platform, the promotion in ResDiary must be enabled to display on the ecommerce platform channel in ResDiary.

The name of the channel may differ from client to client depending on how ResDiary have chosen to name it. It could be set to ecommerce platform Guest Portal, ecommerce platform, Journey Travel or any other variation!

  • Go to Promotions and 'Edit' the Promotion

  • Click the 'Channels' tab

  • In the 'Group' column, click the checkbox for the ecommerce platform/Journey Travel channel. If you're unsure which to use, please send the support team a screenshot (

  • Click Save

  • Repeat for any other Restaurants and Promotions

To learn how to set up promotions in ResDiary, please see these ResDiary articles and videos:


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