Ecommerce Platform | Adding translations for multiple languages

Ecommerce Platform | Adding translations for multiple languages

Please click here to view what languages ecommerce platform currently supports and how to initially set these up.

To see how to add translations for multiple languages, once you have contacted us, please follow the below steps

  • Log into the back end of your ecommerce platform.

  • Select either 'Treatments' or 'Spa Days' from the side menu.

  • Click 'Edit' next to the treatment or spa day you wish to update.

  • This will bring up the general settings page for the treatment or spa day selected. If the additional language has already been added successfully you should see the section highlighted below.

  • Scroll to the bottom of this page, and click 'Next Language' in the bottom right-hand corner.

  • You will then need to fill out the content in the chosen additional language, as shown below.

  • Make sure to click 'Save Section' at the bottom of the page to ensure these changes aren't lost.

  • Depending on how many additional languages have been added, this process will need to be repeated for each language on everything available on your storefront.

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