Ecommerce Platform | How to find the error log for an order

Ecommerce Platform | How to find the error log for an order

  • Log into the back end of the ecommerce platform

  • Click orders in the left-hand menu.

  • Search for the specific order you are wanting to check.

  • Once you have found the order you need, click 'Error Log' from the left-hand menu.

  • This is where you can view any errors that may have occurred.


  • Time out due to the length of time it took for the response from the PMS to Premier:

  • Timeout due to the length of time it took for the response from Roomlynx/SynXis:

  1. Cancellation policy in SynXis does not allow modifications - this needs to be set to "Allowed within all channels except within cancel policy"

  • Delay with PMS confirming the order back to Premier which has resulted in it failing:

  • Booking failed to integrate from Premier to the PMS (this is normally due to the mapping not being done for the payment method or the integration between PMS and Premier is down):

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