Ecommerce Platform | Guestline | Room configuration and best practice

Ecommerce Platform | Guestline | Room configuration and best practice

Important: The majority of the build will need to be completed in the ‘Distribution’ section of Guestline.

Ecommerce platform will be using the 'RoomlynxWS' channel so please make sure your rates have been exposed to this channel and your rooms have been added too. You can do this by going into 'Distribution' and then 'Conversions', you should be able to select the RoomlynxWS in the connection list and then you'll be able to select between the conversion types 'Room Type' and 'Rate Plan'. If you select one or the other, it will then display all of the rooms or rates you have exposed and you can add.

1. Room Build

Once you've got the rooms mapped across to display on ecommerce platform, you can then begin the build/make amendments. You can do this by staying in the Distribution section but then going into 'Configuration' and 'Manage Rooms'. Your rooms will be listed here and you'll be able to edit each one and work on the below.

Images: You’ll most likely have room images added already (if you use DBM) but this will be the chance to review what you have. You can upload up to 6 images, we recommend having a minimum of 3.

Please make sure each image is of high quality before you upload and that the file name is saved without any special characters as this will affect how it pulls through to ecommerce platform. (Uploading image link here).

Descriptions: Every room must have a description. You can add this in the ‘room description’ section, not the ‘short description’. This is to describe the room and highlight some key features. You don’t need to use bullet points or include everything in the room as you’ll be able to do that in the amenities section.

Capacity and bed type: ecommerce platform will pull this information through so it makes it clear which rooms can be booked with children. As for the bed type, you have the options of double, twin, both, or you can just leave this blank by selecting none.

Room amenities/features: Listing out everything available in the room. You can select from a list available in Roomlynx, this list isn't customizable.


Once you’ve completed the room build, make sure to click ‘Roomlynx’ which sits next to ‘Quick Conversion’ before you save.

2. Rates

The rates you’d like bookable on ecommerce platform will need to be exposed to ‘RoomlynxWS’ first in the Rezlynx PMS. This is a simple tick box like below. (PMS>System>Rate Plans> Select each rate)

After that, you’ll need to go into the Distribution > Configuration > Manage Rates and add images and descriptions to all of the rates as they most likely wouldn’t have had this added in before. You can only upload one image per rate.

You can also select which upsells you’d like to have displayed for this particular rate.

If you don’t have upsells set up already, you’ll need to create them in Rezlynx first in the products section and then expose them to Roomlyx. (Video guide here)

Once done, you’ll need to tick Roomlynx again which sits next to quick conversion otherwise it won’t display in ecommerce platform.

3. Media Source Code

Ahead of go live, you'll need to create a media source code in Guestline for ecommerce platform bookings. You'll receive an error message for each room booking if you don't set this up. Guestline help guide here: Creating Media Source Codes

4. Card Code/Conversion Mapping

Again, this will need to be done ahead of going live to avoid error messages. To do this you need to:

  • Go into Roomlynx/Distribution

  • Go to ‘Conversions’

  • Change the connection to RoomlynxWS-ecommerce platform

  • Change the conversion type to Card Code and then click add

  • Add the PMS code (the code is up to you, some have this as online web, stripe etc but you’ll need to set this up in the PMS first to be able to use the code here)

  • Add the channel card value to match

Final Checks:

  • Rate Table: make sure all prices are set up correctly.

  • Media source code for ecommerce platform is set up and mapped.

  • Mapping the card codes for RoomlynxWS.

  • Price Variances: make sure they are applied to the RoomlynxWS channel.

  • Set up any threshold closures to use the RoomlynxWS channel.

  • All rates must have an image and description.

  • All rooms to have at least 3 images.