Ecommerce Platform | Guestline | How can I tell if a room booking came through the Ecommerce Platform?

Ecommerce Platform | Guestline | How can I tell if a room booking came through the Ecommerce Platform?

Any bookings that come through ecommerce platform will always appear in your ecommerce platform's dashboard in the order listing. You will also receive a notification of the booking to your chosen email. These are the two most obvious ways of knowing that a booking has come in via ecommerce platform.

However, if you were just looking in the third-party system alone (Guestline in this scenario) and you wanted to know whether the booking came from ecommerce platform or not then there are a few different ways you can see this in Guestline too.

Firstly, each booking will have its own ‘Booking Information’ section. Here is where you can tell straight away that it’s come through ecommerce platform as it shows the ‘Media Source’ and then where it has come from. In this case, it’s ONE_JOU for ecommerce platform. This media source code needs to be set up by you (the client) or Guestline support during the onboarding process.

The booking information will also provide references for the order, one being the ecommerce platform order reference which is another way of knowing that this booking has come in via ecommerce platform.

All orders on ecommerce platform are paid for through Stripe and the booking in Guestline will show that it has been paid for and will also provide you with the Stripe ID in the notes section.

One last way of knowing if a booking has come through ecommerce platform is when using the reservation search bar. Journey's ecommerce platform uses the ‘RoomlynxWS’ channel to pick up all the information. When searching for bookings, each booking has its own symbol to show which channel it’s using - ecommerce platform bookings will have an ‘R’ which when you hover over will display RoomlynxWS. If you were using the DBM then any bookings coming from there would have the DBM symbol.

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